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Our central goal is to offer a platform for those who create philosophy in conventional and unconventional ways. We provide a space for creators to publish their ideas and to expand their view of what philosophy can be. As such, we hope to foster a community and offer new philosophical insights to anyone interested. We are excited about anyone with a creative urge and philosophical thirst willing to contribute and be a part of our platform and community, whether you are a philosopher, artist, writer, journalist or simply inspired to create. 


Yes, contribute!

In order to contribute, you simply have to email us at

You can send us a text, artwork, story, poem, video or any other type of work.

Our only strict criterium is the presence of philosophical value that is expressed textually. If you are an artist that creates something without text, we would love to connect you to a thinker that could reflect upon your work. 

Texts should
be grammatically correct and between 500 and 5000 words long.

All these criteria can, however, be discussed. 

Not sure whether your work has philosophical value? Please reach out to us so we can take a look at it together! 

Only have an idea and no finished product? No problem! We love to hear about your idea and talk about the possibilities! 

Do you want to collaborate with another arti
st, philosopher or creator? We would be happy to see if we can connect you with others in order to create a contribution.

We also welcome contributions written in Dutch.  

Have any other idea for the platform? Please, reach out and let us know! 

Send us an email right away

Thanks for submitting!

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